Kreaboost: Cup

The pronunciation of "cup"

It’s Monday and time for another round of my kreaboost challenge. The idea is to inspire everyone – not just “the creatives” – to explore their capacity for expression with a weekly creative challenge that isn’t too overwhelming.

Limitations and freedom

Creativity flows well in a situation that presents both limitations and freedom. At the famous Bauhaus school, for instance, they sought to create this condition in some of the assignments that the students were given. Either an assignment offered freedom in relation to form and limitation in relation to material or vice versa. Perhaps the students were asked to explore the form of the chair in any material of their choosing. Or they were asked to explore a material such as filt, experimenting with the kinds of objects they could create from it.




One word or form of expression

With the kreaboost challenge I’m going to explore what happens for you, dear reader, as well as myself when this principle of limitation and freedom is put to use. Once a month I’ll offer a prompt for creative expression. It’ll be either a word that can be explored in any expressive form you can think of, or an expressive form that you can use to express whatever you want.

If you feel like it, I’d love it if you shared the results of the weekly challenge. Take a photo or make a video or a sound recording depending on what form of expression you’ve used. Upload you creation to Instagram or Facebook and tag it #kreaboost and even @mosbergs if you want me to notice it for sure. – I hope you’d like to play along!


Prompt of the month: Cup

The prompt for this month is the word “cup”; an extremely mundane word. Yet, think about it, taste it, feel the cup in your hand. – Which images does it spark in your mind? What does it feel like? Which role do cups play in your life? Now create something that’s inspired by the word. Use photography, embroidery, film, song, drawing or whichever expressive form you feel like using.

To get you going, here are some examples of creations that focus on a cup:


Cocoa by Lars Pugholm



plum blossom scent –
for whoever shows up
a cracked teacup

Haiku by Issa Koybayashi, translated by David G. Lanoue


Melting cup by Livia Marin