Weclome to Mosberg’s

My name is Sara Mosberg Iversen, and I’m so happy you stopped by my (mainly Danish language) blog.


When I’m not taking pictures, embroidering, drawing, writing poetry or blogging, you can find me working at the Department for the Study of Culture at the University of Southern Denmark.  I’m also the mom of two fantastic twins and happily married.

Mosberg’s is a pet project of mine where I write about some of the things that interest me privately. In other words, this isn’t a research blog. Here you can read about creativity in everyday life, interior decoration and the good (enough) life.

Creativity, homes with personality, arts and crafts

The blog is primarily a creative project that focuses on inspiration, creative processes and their results. I believe that everyone has a large capacity for creativity but that many hold back because they believe that being creative is only for “crafty” people.  Here I want to challenge limiting ideas about creativity and empower my readers to find and express their creative powers. In relation to this I also write about arts and crafts, both that of others and my own.

Secondly, I’ve always been a huge home decoration geek. Here I write about homes that spark the imagination and express the dwellers’ personality. You won’t find post  about how to make your home look more expensive, how best to curate your bookshelf or about dos and don’ts. I’m, rather, interested in spaces where people have room to play, express themselves and experiment.

Collaborations and sponsored content/advertising

I’m always open for collaborating with others, in particular other bloggers and creators, but also commercial collaborations. If you’re interested in working with me, please write to: saramosbergATgmailDOTcom.

Integrety is very important for me. It will always be clear if a post mentions goods or services that sponsor or pay me.